Convert Visitors into SMS Subscribers with QR Codes

Visitors will discover your business through many avenues… advertisements, social media, your website, third-party sites, walk-ins, referrals, trade shows, etc. Each of these channels typically provides your visitors with a fragmented view of your company, without sufficient information to make an informed buying decision. 

A marketing concept called “The Rule of Seven” states that it takes a minimum of seven interactions with a prospect before they purchase. For many businesses, this results in lost opportunities, and we don’t want you to lose those prospective customers.

Today we’re sharing a feature in the Wallet Platform that helps convert these Visitors into Subscribers with interactive QR codes. This is an excellent way to build an audience for retargeting or remarketing, with minimal cost and virtually no effort. The QR codes and promotional displays are automatically generated by the platform with your logo and branding. Simply print and place them on menus, tabletops, at your registers, or on promotional materials like banners, flyers, business cards, or pamphlets. Extremely versatile and low friction with your audience.

If you’re wondering, “how is this different from a QR code that points to my website?” Well, the Wallet Platform automatically collects and manages your subscribers for you, while keeping your business compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (i.e. the “do not call list”). It also allows you to message your subscribers with engaging offers, images, and promotions, effectively turning these Subscribers into Customers (more on that in a future post).

This functionality is only $10/mo. on the Wallet Platform, and it’s perfect for retailers, restaurants, hospitality, entertainment venues, and service providers. Accessible here: $10/mo SMS Marketing

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