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To wrap up this week, we’d like to send our sincere thanks and appreciation to Wealth & Finance International ( for the “Best Customer Lifecycle Management Solution” award in Q4 2022. 

We’re tremendously grateful for the award and the spotlight on our products & services. 

We will continue to innovate and push boundaries as we learn from our users, incorporate their feedback, and strive to provide an ideal platform for businesses and their customers to stay connected.

Swipe for the full write-up.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Improve Customer Service Engagement

We’ve all had to contact customer service at some point. It’s a pain, right?

Most of us will Google the company’s name, arrive at Google Maps or the company’s website, search for a phone number, call, press one or zero to connect with a representative, wait until someone finally picks up and transfers you to the appropriate department, where you continue to wait on hold.

Well, there are three features in the platform that make this experience a bit easier:

✅ The Representatives Page
✅ The Live Chat Page
✅ The SMS Help Desk

We’ll be covering the Live Chat & SMS Help Desk features (and the power of asynchronous communication) in future posts. Today we’re focusing on the Representatives page, which allows the business to list any public-facing teams or departments that consumers can directly speak with.

In a small business, this page might list just a single person. But larger companies can list any number of teams or departments. Hotels for instance might display their reservations desk, concierge, bell desk, restaurants, or lost & found.

Each of these people or teams can be labeled however you wish, with contact details, hours of availability, and an image or avatar that represents them. As an example, we use the Representatives page to connect visitors with our sales & customer service teams.

Customers can save these contacts directly to the address book on their device if they wish. This automatically saves all available details, including the company’s website and social media accounts, making it easy for the customer to connect again when needed.

It’s just one more feature in the platform that provides customers with an easy way to connect with your company when they need a nudge in the right direction. 

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Increase Attendance at Upcoming Events

We’re all busy these days and sometimes it can be tough for people to show up to scheduled events. 

Whether you’re hosting live musical performances, webinars, classes, trainings, or attending upcoming conferences, trade shows, and celebrations… showcasing those events in a mobile-friendly page is the first step to capture attention.

The second step is to allow people to save those events directly to their device’s native calendar. This provides automatic reminders as the date approaches. 

The Events feature in the Wallet Platform allows you to grow your community by promoting events, while enabling customers to easily save them to their calendar. This helps your business convert visitors and subscribers into customers.

Link in bio for more details and access to the platform. 

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SMS Marketing Guide - Free E-Book

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of SMS & MMS marketing. It’s because there’s simply no better medium to deliver value to consumers and generate revenue quickly. 

Most SMS marketing campaigns will see results in the first 10-minutes, unlike mailers, social media, television, email, and even in-app push notifications. The results with SMS are immediate.

Also, SMS messages have an average open rate of 98% (!!), which is 600%-900% higher than the 10-15% open rate of most email marketing campaigns. This high open rate, combined with the immediate effectiveness makes it an ideal medium for delivering value with a digital wallet.

This is why we’ve written a short 24-page guide to help you craft engaging messages that resonate with your audience, provide them with value, and generate more revenue. It’s free. Visit to grab a copy.

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OpenAI, ChatGPT and Digital Wallets

What’s all this A.I. buzz about lately, and can it help your business?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT product has been the focus of so much press these past few months. It’s incredibly smart and can be a useful aid in so many different situations. 

We began experimenting with it months ago and chose to integrate it into the SMS/MMS features of the Wallet Platform, so it can be a valuable tool for your own business operations. It’s perfect as a customer service bot or a personal assistant. It provides detailed answers to complex or difficult questions.

Since this is a new feature, we are still gathering feedback and requirements from our users. We are considering a new marketing automation feature that allows A.I. to create all of the discounts, rewards, and promotions for your customers on your behalf through your Wallet merchant profile.

We’ve set up a free ChatGPT bot for everyone to use. Just send a text to +1 (805) 307-3468 to begin chatting with it. You can ask any questions you want!

We’d love to hear what you think! Are you working with A.I. already in your business? Is there a specific feature or benefit that you’d like to receive from it? If so, please comment to let us know!

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Merchant Scanner Mobile App (in the App Store & Google Play)

If you don’t yet have a point-of-sale system like InfoGenesis (mentioned yesterday), then you can grab the Wallet Inc Merchant Scanner app from the App Store or Google Play store for free.

It’s not a full point-of-sale system, but rather a streamlined app for accepting and redeeming the items in your customers' digital wallets.

You can redeem membership points, tiers, store credit, static vouchers, dynamic vouchers, and advertisement credits through it, simply by clicking the big green SCAN button and pointing it at the QR code in your customers' wallet.

You can also search for customers and club members using their phone number or membership ID. This makes it easy to locate and redeem any (or all) of the rewards that apply to a particular person.

Since Static Vouchers are so versatile (more on that in a future post), you can use them as discounts, raffle tickets, or for admission to an event. The Merchant Scanner app is great for these situations.

All items redeemed through the Merchant Scanner app are saved to your company’s ledger within the platform, so you have a full history of every transaction performed with your customers. It’s perfect for auditing the books after a marketing campaign.

To download the app, just select your preferred platform from our Quick Links:

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Agilysys Solutions Partner & InfoGenesis Integration

On this day six years ago, Wallet Inc became a Certified Solutions Partner to Agilysys. Within weeks, this partnership elevated the experience for hundreds of thousands of guests, customers, and club members.

With point-of-sale systems in restaurants, hotels, universities, hospitals, casinos, resorts, cruise lines, sports venues, music venues, corporate cafeterias, and more, Agilysys has been a leader in the hospitality space for over 40 years. 

Today, we'd like to highlight a specific integration between the Wallet Platform and the Agilysys InfoGenesis PoS suite. InfoGenesis is remarkably robust and flexible, making it an ideal fit for large to medium-sized hospitality operations.

If your business is growing, we recommend looking at Agilysys's suite of products and services. We can attest to the quality of engineering, documentation, and support since we've worked closely with their teams on these solutions and integrations.

If Agilysys is already one of your vendors, we'd love to show you what our combined solutions can provide to your guests. It's been a pleasure working with them, and we are looking forward to many more years of growth and innovation together.

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Scarcity, Urgency, and Dynamic Vouchers

Scarcity and urgency are two important elements of a successful campaign. They're often used together, but knowing when to use each can help you craft more engaging campaigns that prompt customers to make a decision quickly.

Scarcity is a measurement of quantity (supply), while urgency is a measurement of time (a deadline). Today, we’ll be sharing how the Dynamic Vouchers feature allows you to use each of these elements to ethically drive customer behavior with full transparency.

A Dynamic Voucher provides prospects with maximum value up-front while decrementing the offer’s value as the expiration time approaches. With each minute, hour, or day that passes, the customer misses an opportunity.

All recipients of the campaign can see the value decrementing on their device in real-time, without having to refresh or reload a page. Unlike other forms of discounts, this interactive nature of the campaign keeps prospects engaged since it’s not so easily dismissed.

This encourages customers to take action quickly for maximum value while motivating any subscribers on the fence to make their first purchase with your company. It might be just the encouragement they need.

Dynamic Voucher campaigns can also have a constraint on the maximum number of redemptions. This provides prospects with transparency for the supply (scarcity). Recipients can see there are only X remaining, as each claimed voucher is subtracted from the sum in real time.

This uses both scarcity and urgency to drive customer behavior while keeping the playing field level for all recipients, and providing full transparency as you promote your products and services to them.

For more great tips on crafting engaging offers, including the use of scarcity and urgency, we strongly recommend “$100M Offers” by Alex Hormozi. It’s an incredible resource that every business should have.

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Supporting Small Businesses

As this week comes to a close, we’d like to share a photo that motivates our team to deliver great software.

We are big believers in buying from small businesses. Our team members have small business owners in their own families, so we know how hard it can be to compete with big companies in today’s economy.

Competing on price, service, convenience, quality, and speed of delivery, with the budget of a small business is not easy. This is why we’ve priced our platform so affordably for our SMB clients and provide many valuable tools for free.

Collectively, our team members have built world-class software in dozens of industries over many decades. It’s no secret that serving big companies is where the big bucks are made, and it’s how the Wallet Platform got started many years ago.

However, we’ve seen many different market conditions affecting small businesses these past several years, so we chose to adapt our platform to serve these markets. Our goal is to be a valuable resource in helping your business reach its growth objectives.

If you are a small business owner, please know that we understand your struggles and we’re here to support you as best as we can. We will continue to post content and develop software that gives your company an edge.

Thanks for following. We hope you have an incredible weekend. 

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