Customer Lifecycle Management Solution

Before we jump into the tips and tricks this year, let's take a moment to review the foundation for the Wallet Platform. Some industries call it a Customer Relationship Management system, while others call it an Offer Management Platform, but we refer to it as a Customer Lifecycle Management Solution. 

The customer journey can be complex, as consumers spend months viewing ads, receiving email promotions or newsletters, reading reviews, and talking with friends before they make an informed buying decision. This journey occurs both online and offline, making some steps more challenging to measure than others. To simplify this, we've distilled it into four distinct stages: Visitors » Subscribers » Customers » Members. 

The goal for (nearly) every business is to attract more Visitors, accumulate more Subscribers, convert them into Customers, and reward Members for their repeat business. To accomplish this, the Wallet Platform provides tools for each stage (displayed on the left of this illustration), enabling companies to optimize the entire customer lifecycle.

We'll discuss one of these stages at a time and share the Wallet Platform's specific features and industry best practices to help you optimize your customer engagement. If you'd like to follow along with your own account, we provide a base set of tools to all companies for free. Just visit to create your new account. 

See ya next week!

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