Link Shortener & Click Tracking

Our users already know that the links generated by our system to items in your digital wallet are short and simple, using the incredibly tiny url of[your-wallet]

As a reminder, we use this tiny URL to save space in your outbound SMS messages to customers. It allows you to deliver great content without stressing about the 160-character limit from the major phone carriers. 

Also, customers don't want to receive SMS messages containing ridiculously long URLs. They want to focus on your message, promotion, news, or incentives and make their decision in an instant. 

The "" tiny URL conveys to your customers in a split second that they've received something of value in a digital wallet from your company, meant specifically for them. 

These short URLs are so effective, that we just launched a new feature that allows you to rewrite any URLs with a new, short Wallet URL. We call it the Link Shortener. This tool makes your existing links more attractive for customers to click, while also saving space in social media posts & emails, and it automatically generates analytics for the traffic to them.

For example, you can now convert a link on your website that looks like this:

to something like this:

Our tool also generates a QR code for you automatically which you can download and use in any print or digital media.

After you've created a tiny URL, you can monitor the traffic from within your Wallet Administrative Portal. Just login, visit the "Link Shortener" page, select the link and voila! Stats!

We think you'll like this new feature, so we're eager to hear your feedback. Please let us know how you use it and if you have any suggestions for making it even better.