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Merging CRM, Marketing, Loyalty, Messaging and Mobile Payments into the Perfect B2C Platform

Wallet Inc: Connecting businesses and customers directly, through a proprietary B2B Fintech SaaS digital wallet platform.

The Santa Barbara, California-based software company Wallet Inc. ( is changing the way that companies interact with their customers. Until now, businesses have relied on dozens of vendors to manage their customers’ data, with each vendor operating as an independent and disconnected silo.

These silos include the company’s social media profiles, website, blog, CRM system, revenue management system, loyalty system, email marketing campaigns, online advertising channels, and maybe their own mobile app. This has resulted in a complicated labyrinth of tools for each business to navigate, and it hinders each company’s ability to focus on their core competencies and competitive strengths.

Meanwhile, customers are trying to communicate with these businesses by phone or email, on social media, or through their website or blog, resulting in a scattered mess of tools and communications for both parties.

Wallet Inc. is approaching this problem with a new vision and fresh innovative software. By providing merchants with a specialized digital wallet platform, they can now connect directly with their customers for optimal efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Merchants simply create a free profile on Wallet’s Administrative Portal and begin connecting their existing tools and data sources.

Customers are then invited onto the platform with an SMS message. Each message contains a link to the customer’s personalized mobile wallet, which has been specially crafted for them by the business. From within the wallet, customers can easily locate their past transactions, along with redeemable vouchers, membership tiers, points, gift certificates, and creative new items like dynamic vouchers and advertisement credits, which breathe new life into these B2C relationships. Businesses can also share relevant news or upcoming events and communicate directly with customers through a private messaging feature.

Once a customer has opened their wallet, they can toggle between their favorite companies with a single click. The platform automatically surfaces all the customer’s favorite companies, by connecting directly with each merchant’s CRM system on the backend. Wallet Inc is entirely compensated by the merchants on the platform, so the public never pays a single cent or suffers through a single advertisement for access to these features.

“Sure, Apple, Google, Samsung and other companies provide some form of ‘digital wallet’, but they treat this space as a pet project. Their primary line of business is serving advertisements through search, or selling mobile devices.” says John Turnham, Founder & CTO. “They don’t see the possibilities in this space, which is why we named our company Wallet Inc. We expect our platform to be so ubiquitous that it becomes synonymous with the everyday use of a traditional wallet.”

At last, we might be seeing an end to cluttered email inboxes, overflowing home mailboxes, and the countless advertisements that we all encounter every day. For decades, businesses have benefited from many robust Customer Relationship Systems on the market, but now, Wallet Inc is changing this paradigm by providing customers with what may be the very first Merchant Relationship Management system.

We can’t wait to see what Wallet Inc delivers next.


Kevin Harrington joins our Board of Advisors

Wallet Inc is thrilled to welcome Kevin Harrington to its Board of Advisors! 

Kevin has been a successful entrepreneur for over 40 years, and his business ventures have produced well over $5 billion in global sales and launched more than 500 products. 

As one of the original "Sharks" on ABC's Shark Tank, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are honored to work with him and his team.

New Advertisement Credit Video!

We understand how difficult it can be to monitor your marketing efforts in different mediums like television, web, and print. That's why we've developed the Advertisement Credit.

Watch our latest video to know more:

Dave Berkus joins Wallet's Board of Advisors!

Please join us in welcoming an absolute powerhouse to our board of advisors... Dave Berkus is a master entrepreneur, angel investor, author, technologist, public speaker, and hospitality industry veteran. 

With over 108 investments in early-stage technology companies, Dave has managed an unfathomable 97% IRR. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, we HIGHLY recommend reading Dave's books, visiting, and watching his TEDx speeches. We are tremendously grateful for his guidance so far.

Launching v2.0 Beta!

Hello everyone!! Today we are excited to announce that we've begun inviting businesses to review the latest version of our platform for testing and feedback.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to:

We look forward to supporting your business with innovative and impactful new tools!

John Turnham
Founder & CTO

Webinar: Future of Contactless Payments in a Post COVID-19 Economy

We'd like to thank Group Futurista for inviting us to speak at their event today, on The Future of Contactless Payments in a Post COVID-19 economy.

We discussed the impact that the pandemic has had on marketing, loyalty, and digital payment systems so far, and how we see the Wallet platform helping businesses navigate this crisis. 

For more information, please visit Group Futurista's page for this event here:
The Future of Contactless Payments in a Post COVID-19 Economy